Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rainy Season

My heart
get visited by a rainy season
since cold november

o why do rain has to come?
may be
just like the plants need water
my soul need it to grow stronger

so I believe
after the rain
there will always be sunshine
& when it comes
I will treasure it, cherish it, & make the most out of it

Sunday, December 03, 2006

the Power of Jerry fans, haha

Kaka, uploaded the videos i took on Jerry during the Malaysia World Vision event last Tuesday , 28 Nov, to youtube.com, & got so many views from fans all over the world... & got 5 honors for the video... one of them... #4 Most View (this week) =)

Happy Birthday to Jovy...

This girl got all smiles on her face now, even when she sleep... since she came back from singapore on tuesday =) Very very lucky girl, got a chance to meet her fav star up-close & have personal chat with him....

and she is soooo happy till she forgot all bout her birthday, so we decided to throw her a surprise birthday dinner. The gang ask me to ask her out to 1-U, without letting her know the rest of the gals will be there waiting for her. Since she got her mind full of *ahem, u know who he is... its not so difficult when I ask her to go 1-Utama with me to buy somethings... & when she ask me what I wanna buy, & I cant answer, she dont even suspect anything, hahaha...

幸福的女人, 祝你永远都那么幸福哦... 生日快乐

p/s: earlier in the day, we went to jalan bukit bintang to take this pixs, hahaha... yup, we r a bunch of crazy gals... ;p