Monday, February 12, 2007

Training Log - Week 1

ok, I've decided to put up my training log here, coz im lazy to create a new blog just for that, and also, just in case, to prevent me from getting lazy n quitting. keke. So, below is what i've been doing last week:-

Monday - Running (20 min), Body Pump
Tuesday - RPM
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Rest (hmm, not that i wanna rest, but I've got a company's dinner)
Friday - Running (20 min), Yoga
Saturday - Swimming (i dunno exactly how long i swim, but i was in the pool for 1 hour, hmmm, i guess i'll put 30 min, hehe.)
Sunday - Cycling outdoor (14km). Thanks S for the bike and counting the mileage for me, hehe.

Good News

okie, after the bad news... now... is the good news =) I've got my passport back today, and yes, its approved, hehe...

and so...I've got three upcoming holidays :-
May - climbing Mount Kinabalu
June - exploring Angkor Wat
July - walking, eating, sleeping n dreaming in UK =)


其实, 并没有...
让我们更坚强 :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

cycling at FRIM

this is the 2nd week i went cycling at FRIM.. for about two hours in the morning. havent go off-road yet though.. but am progressing well, hehe... really hope im gonna make it soon ( and with my own bike, ahem... =) FRIM is really a nice place for cycling n jogging with frens or families. Can always see a bunch of school kids, groups of friends, parents with kids & couples enjoying their healthy day out :)

oh ya, cant believe it, i actually have lunch at the curve, went back home, take a nap, then went back to d curve again with some frens... for some shopping & dinner.. ahaha...seems like im a loyal supporter of the curve ;p

Saturday, February 03, 2007

am tired!!

this evening, just to see how much stamina i have, i went jogging, and after that swimming, and im very very, extremely tired now, hehe. and I just did like 30 min of jogging, then rest for half an hour, coz jovy's picking me up to 3K swimming pool. Then, we swam for like an hour (not non-stop though, a lot of chit chat in between actually, hehe). And, a rewarding dinner that follow-up is nice. We had our dinner at pizza vs satay, we ordered the satay pizza and nasi lemak ;)

now am wondering how the guys did the triathlon... how to build up that kind of training training, of course. Think of it, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run... I think am fainting :p