Sunday, April 22, 2007

wonderful Mount Irau

was first introduced to Mount Irau by our Mr 001, who is also our guide for this hike ;) Before this, I dont even know the existance of Mount Irau, hehe. Mr 001 went in Jan and upon his return, he kept telling us how nice it was, so a trip was planned. On a beautiful April morning, a group of 13 young men and women start their journey to Cameron. Mount Irau is famous as mossy forest, and the trek starts near Mount Brinchang. We start our climb at about 8.30am and reach the peak at about 1pm. It was a long climb for us, coz we took our own sweet time to pose to the cameras, and avoid the muddy spots, hehe. I heard the experience ones can climb within two hours ;p Anyway, its not an easy climb, and its muddy all the way. Nevertheless, i enjoyed the climb, the view is magnificent, weather is cool, there's no leaches, mosquitos, etc... and the climb is challenging :) So, here comes the photos...

the view that greeted us en-route to mount brinchang

our clean shoes...

mountains and clear blue sky

half of our journey, break time for some goodies

the difficult climb ahead (* legs shaking *)

this is what i meant by mossy forest

smile :)

a monkey took his photo here last time, hehehe

the best pitcher plant pix that i managed to take. Some are really small.

finally, we reached the top. Actually, there are no nice view from the top. Most importantly is to enjoy the journey up.

chocolate mousse shoes

pix courtesy from mr Pitt. cant resist to put this photo here, hehe, pretty young ladies and handsome young guys. oops, one missing... & tats the famous mr pitt.

Training Log - Week 9 & 10

Week 9 (@ sebana cove):
Monday - Run (40min)
Tuesday - Run (30min)
Wednesday - Swim (30min)
Thursday - Run (20min)
Friday - Run (40 min)
Saturday - Bike (1 hour, the route has one hill climb only)
Sunday - Rest day

Week 10 (@ sebana cove & Cameron Highland):
Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Rest day (sore throat again)
Wednesday - Run (30min)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Rest, travel to Cameron
Saturday - Climb Mount Irau
Sunday - Rest day

Mount Irau is quite a challenging climb, but I love it. Will post about the climb soon :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tell me if I am rude

Recently, I pay a visit to the 'fine' country :p, and took a ride on the MRT. It was quite crowded. So I was standing, holding on to a pole. The train reach a stop, and a lady (in her forties i think) came in and stand just beside me on my right, face to face. She slowly take out a pack of tissues, and then put a piece of tissue to her nose and start blowing...with loud sound of heez...heez...heeeeez... Finally, one 'wonton' is finished, and i felt a sense of relief immediately. But wait, she took out another tissue, and start blowing again... and another..... I have no choice but to keep looking on my left, where a couple sweet-talking to each other. I think they must be wondering why this girl keep looking at their directions. The ultimate, when the lady bit of tissues drop to my bag which I put on the floor, I took my bag and walk to the other compartment of the train, although she did bend down to pick up the tissues and say sorry... But I just felt too disgusting, and at that moment, I just dont feel like saying 'its okay'.... It is certainly not.

Monday, April 09, 2007

a ride on a sunny saturday morning

viv woke up to a fine sunny saturday morning, and decided to go for a ride around sebana cove. So she rented a bike from the resort for RM10 an hour and off she went, exploring.... Here are what she found =)

the golf course

the unknown flower

the tough slope. I have to stopped halfway and pushed my bike :p

the rented bike

monkeys party

the beautiful lilies

Where is Viv?

Where are you now?
What are you doing there?

When will you be back?

Here's some pixs to answer the above questions :)

the long, dusty, hot, sweaty walk fr office to working place

ah, its near now. This is a topsides module

the temporary stair case to climb up the module

we have sea view in our working place :p

view from the module. the building far away with white roof is the office.

finally, i reached this cool room with air-con. This is where i work, commission the system for my client :) As you can see, its not really clean and comfortable, but then i am thankful to be inside this air-con room, pity all the workers who work under the hot sun for the whole day!

will be back to KL for a short holiday this week, yay :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Training Log - Week 7 & 8

Week 7:
Monday - Running (20min), Body Pump
Tuesday - Swimming
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Run (30min)-Walk(5 min)-Run(10min), Body Balance, cardio dance
Friday - Run (30min)
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Step Class

Week 8 (@ sebana cove):
Monday - Swim (30min)
Tuesday - Run (20min) + Run on treadmill (10min) - coz its raining outside
Wednesday - Run (30min)
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Run (40 min)
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Rest day

Hmm, week 8 training is bit special, coz its done outdoor at the sebana cove, and not the usual gym that i go to. Now, I enjoy jogging outdoor, with the evening sun setting down, cool breeze, and magnificent scenery =)

Here are some of the beautiful sunsets. (now i bring my camera with me when i went jogging)