Sunday, August 27, 2006

Introducing... pulut durian

I had pulut durian for dinner just now. I am not really into 'durians', but then I enjoy pulut durian once in a while. We learnt to eat pulut durians from the thais, but Im not sure whether its origin is from Thailand. Anyway, Im quite shock to find out a lot of ppl didnt know about this delicacy, even my fren from penang ;p who like durians. Pulut means glutinous or sticky rice. Pour some coconut milk (with some salt added) to your pulut, then eat it with durians. If you dont like durians, you can try mango. Eat it with your hands, the malaysian style, it tastes better that way =) Here is the picture of what I had just now. The picture quality is not very good coz I took it with my cell phone..

This is another version from the Star newspaper. But I think the santan is too much to my liking.

this time... with color!

Its a Sunday again.. wow, time flies! Remember my new hair-cut last week?! Today I went to Ivan's place again, to color my hair, & with highlight. This is all Ivan's idea, he didnt even tell me what color he choose for me, & tat he's gonna highlight a bit of my hair to light gold color! Strange, when he color my hair, the dye looked purple, so I tot its purple color, in the end, here is the results! Tell me if you like it or not =)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

About Me n Bee

my name is Bee,
I dont make honey,
but at least, I make money =)

My frens call me ah bee, bak kean & Vivien,
a gal fr Alor Star, & born a Hokkien,
an old Proton Saga is what I droVe,
& eating, sleeping, travelling, gym-ming, dreaming are what I loVe!

Monday, August 21, 2006


台灣很流行冷笑話. 甚麼是冷笑話? 就是一些不太像笑話的笑話.. 有些聽起來很冷,有些聽起來卻還蠻好笑的哦!

呵呵, 你們知道我在說甚麼嗎? 給一個例子吧, 像昨晚我就從一個台灣電視劇聽到一個還蠻好笑的..

一支火柴棒, 頭燒焦了送去醫院急救之後, 會變成甚麼?
答案竟然是…… 一支棉花棒, 頭纏著紗布的棉花棒!!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

My new hairdo

Its a Sunday!!! After my step class in the morning as usual, then lunch, Im off to my hairdresser --> Ivan's place to have my hair cut.. After looking thru some hair magazines, we finally decide on one, n here is the results =) I like it, how bout you??

If you r interested, here is the 'evolution' of my hair over the last 2 years... =) It has become shorter & shorter

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Its Wendy's bday on 18 Aug. So, as usual, we celebrate at our fav karaoke place... redbox low yat! Usually we will go around redbox in PJ & KL... After studying some stats, here is the Hot tips... if you can, go Redbox Low Yat... best service we had, & they usually let us sing longer than the usual 3 hours! The curve redbox is the worst, they will kick u out of the room on the dot!! hehe.. Btw, we had a great time singing non-stop from 3pm to 7.30pm, keke...

d bday gal...

Michelle bought the bday cake from king's, not too bad, yum yum!!

Our usual trademark... the cake is always from Jerry =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Introduced to me on a Sunday evening
a new found fren, funny & entertaining
by the name of Doodieman
go watch it, I am sure he will make you a happyman

With his red suit on
coupled with his secret weapon
he can fight ninjas in style
what a superhero I havent met in a while!

for laughs, goto:
Superhero Tricks
Ninja Target Practice


my long waited taiwanese series 白色巨塔 (title in english: the Hospital) starring my fav star Jerry 言承旭 is finally here. Start showing in Taiwan CTV today 15th August 8pm.. Hehe, dun worry if you r not in taiwan, the technology now is so advanced.. u dont have to be in tw to watch the tv. You can watch online at , or download the movie at icefish. For malaysia fans, 白色巨塔 wil start showing in 8TV on 10th October! Cant believe it!