Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leicester & Rugby

Here's some highlights of my first month at Leicester:

- Work work work from Mon to Fri
- Window shopping, house-keeping on Sat and Sun
- I cooked dinner almost everyday!
- I prepared my own breakfast! No nasi lemak for me... sob sob.
- I managed to open a bank account at Barclays, finally...
- I watched Rugby World Cup for the last few weekends... cant believe it :p Never thought I would enjoyed the game, it is very rough to me. But, since its one of the most watched games here in the UK, England is in the finals and everybody is talking about the game, so.... I must not be left out. Enjoyed the semi-finals between South Africa and Argentina, its the first time I see them scored 5 points by taking the ball and run superfast to the line.
- I went to an english pub, entertained by our project engineer who sings there!
- I had dinners at a chinese restaurant which served nice dishes, and dont have to pay!
- I went to try out Fitness First yesterday, and the Step class sucks....bored me to death!

and finally....Kimi is a champion!!! hehehe