Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A nice malay song

a nice malay song... introduced to me this afternoon by a colleague of mine

Kenangan Terindah by Samsons
Aku yang lemah tanpamu
Aku yang rentan karena
Cinta yang t'lah hilang
Darimu yang mampu menyanjungku

Selama mata terbuka
Sampai jantung tak berdetak
Selama itu pun aku mampu
Untuk mengenangmu

Darimu kutemukan hidupku
Bagiku kaulah cinta sejati

Chorus :
Bila yang tertulis untukku
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan kujadikan kau
Kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku

Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupmu
Yang t'lah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah

Darimu kutemukan hidupku
Bagiku kaulah cinta sejati

p/s: see the mtv & listen to the song in youtube here =)

Back from Shanghai..

Just a short post here.. Im back from Shanghai on Sunday nite =) Still tired till today, hehe. Will sort out my photos, & post them soon... stay tuned...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shanghai... here I come

As I was quite down recently, restless & dunno where do I go from here.. So when JY suggested that I go Shanghai with her, I say yes immediately. Should be good for me, I think I really need some fresh air... I have been too stressed up last two weeks...

Will be flying off tonite... yeah!

just in case u wonder where is Shanghai, hehe =)

map extracted from

Monday, November 06, 2006

My first in 10km run =)

Joined the Subang Jaya 10km run yesterday morning... This is the first time for me.. & may be the last time also? haha. Still remembered when Sharlene ask us to join, I thought why not? Should not be a problem for us, coz we always go to the gym, now I know how wrong am I. Anyway, its not really 10km for me.. coz im too excited when I see the MPSJ building, so I ran straight in, actually I suppose to run further down & make a U-turn back to MPSJ, hehehe..

Am totally exhausted today, physically & emotionally. Cant walk properly today coz my legs are so sore...& yup... emotionally also, my frens who know whats happening to me would know why...

Ya, that's life, full of ups & downs...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


This is a song from 阿桑(Ah Sang). & this is how I feel now...


你走了我的计算变差了 微笑在我脸上又被僵住了

如果那天病了 约会换了 我们就不遇上了
勉强是不对的 我们都知道的


一个人的下午 也是美好的

In general, it just means.. love is like driving a car, dangerous & happy. But we have to stop when we see the red light. We all know that its not right if we have to force. The only difference is who will get down the car first.

p/s: sorry, the tranlations is not very good =)