Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Photo Editing Experiment

Took some nice photos over the last weekend, and decided to give them some 'artistic' finish (in my opinion la, which you may not agree, hehe). All these editing is done by using the simple magic tools provided in Picasa. I always like black and white pictures, but sometimes it can be quite boring, thus the I have applied some dash of colors on the background.

Here are the results. Tell me if you like it, or even if you dont like it.

This is taken at Victoria Park
the heart shape sign attracted me at first in the one
christmas decoration lights in town

i like the tree in this one, and the structures


kiwlm said...

wow, I like the first one a lot. The others, just too much "fake" colors in it. Any chance you can upload a bigger pic so I can make it my background? :)

viv said...

glad that u like the 1st pix. will send to your hotmail :)