Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Baking?

Other than the carrot cake, I have tried to bake (ahem!):

1.New York Cheesecake, recipe provided by allrecipes.
A friend's Verdict 'Yumm….,The cake is delicious, moisture enough, it reminds me
of the cheese cake I brought from the Singapore best cheese cake shop………

My Verdict: not satisfied with the base. It was oily and too moist. Also, the pan the I used is not big enough, the cake rose above the pan while in the oven, so it has a funny shape on top, ha..

However, the second time i baked, I try to mix and match with another recipe and it was not as nice anymore :((

look at the funny shape :p

after some decorating

2. Chocolate Banana Muffin
My housemate gave me a recipe book as my birthday present in April, so I tried out the muffin recipe from the book. Turn out to be just a normal muffin, nothing special, I dont really like it.

3. Crispy Rock Biscuit (translated to chi kao soh 脆口酥 in hokkien)
My parents brought me a chinese cooking magazine from Malaysia when they came to the UK early this year. My mom tried the recipe, and it turn out nice and they like it. However, mine is a total disaster. I've decided to add some walnut, so I reduced the flour and didnt add the sugar. It turns out to be too soggy to mold them into dough, so I just add more fluor without
weighing them till they are solid enough. The biscuit turned out not sweet enough and also too

4. Chocolate Cake
Grace gave me this recipe and its from allrecipes as well. Very easy to make and delicious as well, and its a vegan chocolate cake!

So far, the carrot cake is still the best!

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BTW - Happy New Year (okay, slightly used, by now)! I guess I'll just have to go over to where u are to taste some of the lovely stuff you've served up in your post...

Seriously... don't be surprised if I come knocking on your door. Very soon... ;-)