Sunday, August 27, 2006

Introducing... pulut durian

I had pulut durian for dinner just now. I am not really into 'durians', but then I enjoy pulut durian once in a while. We learnt to eat pulut durians from the thais, but Im not sure whether its origin is from Thailand. Anyway, Im quite shock to find out a lot of ppl didnt know about this delicacy, even my fren from penang ;p who like durians. Pulut means glutinous or sticky rice. Pour some coconut milk (with some salt added) to your pulut, then eat it with durians. If you dont like durians, you can try mango. Eat it with your hands, the malaysian style, it tastes better that way =) Here is the picture of what I had just now. The picture quality is not very good coz I took it with my cell phone..

This is another version from the Star newspaper. But I think the santan is too much to my liking.

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