Sunday, August 27, 2006

this time... with color!

Its a Sunday again.. wow, time flies! Remember my new hair-cut last week?! Today I went to Ivan's place again, to color my hair, & with highlight. This is all Ivan's idea, he didnt even tell me what color he choose for me, & tat he's gonna highlight a bit of my hair to light gold color! Strange, when he color my hair, the dye looked purple, so I tot its purple color, in the end, here is the results! Tell me if you like it or not =)

1 comment:

Just Sharlene said...

Hey, it looks much browner, redder, and lighter in person! The photo dun do you justice!

Whether I like it or not? Mmm....yeah, actually I like it. Makes you look wild and outgoing! Hehe...