Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holidays over! back to work!

Back to office today! So Sien, after a long holiday...

Looking back, I didnt actually do a lot of things.. mostly sleep & rest at home, went movie marathon at 1U (two movies in a day), & joined the usual group of TC *short form for tham chiak* members from FF gym to the historic city Melaka for good food.

Its really not a good choice to visit Melaka on a public holiday! All the restaurants are crowded with ppl. All these ppl are willing to queue outside the shop under the hot sun for dunno how long just for the food... Aiyoh... That's why we missed the best 'lap lap kai fun'in melaka, the shop just opposite OCBC, & have to settled for the 2nd best in town. And its a relief when we didnt see a queue outside the satay shop. The pineapple sauce is really nice. We then decided to let our stomach takea break, so we went to a newly opened shopping mall. Actually the main purpose is to get away fromthe hot sun, & enjoy the free air-con, hehe, in the end, everybody got something.. (hai, what to do, nike got sales, & it just looked too tempting). Initial plans for dinner is satay celup, but alas, the queue is there again, & this time with umbrellas under the rain..omg.. So, we decided to turn around & had portugese food for dinner instead. Hmm, I would say the best I had is the fruit juice from a road-side stall just beside tan kim hock shop, kekeke.

Now, just lepak2 in office for two days, then its weekend again! The much anticipated event of this weekend.. David Tao concert in Bukit Jalil this Sat!!! woo hoo hoo...just cant wait...& someone is coming back next Monday!!! ;D

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