Monday, January 22, 2007

can consider...My First Ride

Woohoo... its a day to remember... my first ride.. after a long long time.. Yup, I know you could not believe it, a kampung girl, from alor star, dunno how to ride a bicycle?? how can that be??hehe...Well, its true... Used to be a timid gal, who failed to achieve some of the things ppl usually learn when they are small little fearless kid ;p But nvm, its never too late... hehe
Would like to take this opportunity to thank both of my 'instructors', hehe, W-Lj and Zee...

posing before the ride..

looks cool eh? but actually struggling, hehe cycling instructor =) a capricornian, who is confident, strong willed and calm, and a supernice guy who took the trouble to load his bike onto his car & vroom about 20km to teach me cycling ;P Thanks Ti, for inspiring me to learn swimming n cycling, showing me how to enjoy while working offshore, & by sharing your wonderful i know few cute ways to pose for the camera :p, & of course, for being a fren =)

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