Monday, January 22, 2007

a letter... from He Bei

Recieved a letter from my sponsored child not long ago... here it goes...

Am so excited when i read the letter. Her hand-writing is definitely better than mine, haha. Glad that I signed-up for this child sponsorship.. Make me realised... there are many many more unfortunate people out there, who has no money to buy food, no clean water, no educations.... I should feel grateful each n every day that I have a shelter above me, n good frens to share my happiness n sorrow... I really shouldnt be complaining & upset over those small little things.

If you are interested to join, pls visit WorldVisionMalaysia.


Just Sharlene said...

Wow, nice handwriting indeed. How old is your sponsor child? Mine is from Myammar and I need World Vision to translate her letter to me.

beekean said...

10 year old already oh.. hehe
oops, reminds me, i still havent reply her letter!!!