Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the Children I met @ Siem Reap

One common sight around Angkor temples... is the children. We met a lot of them at each temples trying to sell us books, postcards, water, and some just asking for some donations. I would say some are really charming, they don't really disturb you after you said no to them, and their face immediately lighted up when I handed out sweets to them. I love giving out sweets to them, seeing their smiling faces brings warmth and joy to my heart.

The only bad experience we had is at the floating village where a bunch of kids came near our boat to sell us bananas. SC decided to buy one from one of the kids, soon after she paid the little girl, the other girls starts to cry and shout louder "banana, one dollar... banana, one dollar..." and all swamp to SC like asking her why you didnt buy from me??? Believe me, their voices are really loud till our ears can still hear the echo when our boat starts to move :p

As usual, here are some pixs to share.....with the subject - Innocent Faces :)

this girl pose for me and ask me to take her picture when she saw me with my camera. I think she looks beautiful.

at floating village...banana, one dollar....

two little boys at Beng Mealea temple... they kept asking for more sweets ^_^

Mom with her kid. We bought some candies which is super sweet and some utensils made fr coconut from mom.

hmmm, why do you look so sad, little girl???

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