Thursday, July 05, 2007

my first on Panorama

During my recent trip to the Angkor Wat, I've tried to take some pictures using the panorama feature on my olympus camera, and later use the photomerge function in photoshop to combine them. Here are some of the pictures.

If you look carefully on this pix, its actually not perfect, because i have moving objects (ppl walking) in the pix. I use the clone stamp to cover up some of the area, but its still not perfect... hehe, have not master the use of clone stamp.

and this pix, you can see two green boxes on the temple... thats where they are doing some restoration now. May be I should make them dissapear too.... but just too lazy :p

the big tree at Ta Prohm Temple


kiwlm said...

Wow, I like the one with the tree very much! It is panaromic and gives nice perspective! And I have never seen people take vertical panaromic pictures!

viv said...

hi kiwlm, tq for your comments... hehe :) glad you like it