Saturday, March 29, 2008

Carrot Cake

I made it! Hehe, now at least I knew how to bake one type of cake - the carrot cake. My mom is good at baking, but somehow I never pick it up from her. I remembered she used to bake birthday cakes for us every year when me and my sisters were kids, and we loved it.

Now that I have so much free time during the weekends in the UK, I've decided to indulge myself in baking (yeah, indulge... just love the smell of something-is-baking :) and so I've asked Grace for her cake recipes, and she has pointed me to this carrot cake recipe. Its quite easy to make, except the grating part, coz I dont have a food processor. First try, the cake turned out to be too moist, coz I use the wrong size of grater that produced too much carrot juice. Then thanks to Grace again, for taking a picture of her grater and showing it to me. and Voila, the cake was perfect at my second attempt!

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