Saturday, February 03, 2007

am tired!!

this evening, just to see how much stamina i have, i went jogging, and after that swimming, and im very very, extremely tired now, hehe. and I just did like 30 min of jogging, then rest for half an hour, coz jovy's picking me up to 3K swimming pool. Then, we swam for like an hour (not non-stop though, a lot of chit chat in between actually, hehe). And, a rewarding dinner that follow-up is nice. We had our dinner at pizza vs satay, we ordered the satay pizza and nasi lemak ;)

now am wondering how the guys did the triathlon... how to build up that kind of training training, of course. Think of it, 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run... I think am fainting :p


kiwlm said...

So is the 3k swimming pool nice?

beekean said...

Yeah, 3K pool is nice. Its an indoor pool. The pool is clean and the crowd are nice ppl. definitely better than the kelana jaya public pool (I have bad experience there). However, 3K shower room conditions are not so good, e.g. shower heads missing, door latch missing, and the worst i encountered was last sat, when one section of the ladies changing room are in total darkness! I told the guard about it, and he said they are doing some work on their 'switchboard', he said he will inform the management. Hopefully its done by now, hehe =)