Sunday, February 04, 2007

cycling at FRIM

this is the 2nd week i went cycling at FRIM.. for about two hours in the morning. havent go off-road yet though.. but am progressing well, hehe... really hope im gonna make it soon ( and with my own bike, ahem... =) FRIM is really a nice place for cycling n jogging with frens or families. Can always see a bunch of school kids, groups of friends, parents with kids & couples enjoying their healthy day out :)

oh ya, cant believe it, i actually have lunch at the curve, went back home, take a nap, then went back to d curve again with some frens... for some shopping & dinner.. ahaha...seems like im a loyal supporter of the curve ;p


kiwlm said...

what's FRIM?

beekean said...

FRIM = Forrest Research Institute Malaysia, in Kepong. They have canopy walkway, jogging trails, botanic garden, waterfalls, tennis courts, badminton courts, etc... Visit their website at