Monday, February 12, 2007

Training Log - Week 1

ok, I've decided to put up my training log here, coz im lazy to create a new blog just for that, and also, just in case, to prevent me from getting lazy n quitting. keke. So, below is what i've been doing last week:-

Monday - Running (20 min), Body Pump
Tuesday - RPM
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Rest (hmm, not that i wanna rest, but I've got a company's dinner)
Friday - Running (20 min), Yoga
Saturday - Swimming (i dunno exactly how long i swim, but i was in the pool for 1 hour, hmmm, i guess i'll put 30 min, hehe.)
Sunday - Cycling outdoor (14km). Thanks S for the bike and counting the mileage for me, hehe.


Just Sharlene said...

Eh, suddenly so much jogging. You training for Marathon ah?

beekean said...

keke,i just wanna build some stamina.. for my upcoming Mt K trip, and yes, i wont mind joining a marathon, if there is one in near future =)(Eh, but 10km oni lar... not the full marathon)

walski69 said...

A Hah! Found you at last... You're probably the last person I'd have expected to have a blog, but hey... life's full of surprises...

Good to know you're into the fitness thing these days.

Hope your training regimen holds up, and that u manage to do Mt. Kinabalu with no major difficulties... Hint: stay off the beers during the rest of CNY!!

viv said...

hi hi walski... yes ah??? so surprised meh? why ah? hope u dont mind my manglish ;p hehe

Visited your site too... nice blog...i like it!!!