Sunday, March 18, 2007

Training Log - Week 5 & 6

Here come the logs =)

Week 5:
Monday - Running (20min)-Walk(3min)-Run(10min), Yoga
Tuesday - Running (20min), RPM
Wednesday - Rest, viv fell sick
Thursday - Run (10min), cardio dance
Friday - Body Pump
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Run (20min)

Week 6:
Monday - Running (20min), Body Pump
Tuesday - Ressst
Wednesday - Running (20min)
Thursday - Running (25min)
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - KL marathon (10km)

Yours truly improved quite a lot on her running, she now feels quite comfortable while she run, just that she sometimes still feel bored ;) any tips? anyway, still a long way to improve herself till she can join the half marathon...but yay, lets keep on running....

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kiwlm said...

Put on the headphone and watch some show lor, time it correctly, and watch some comedy, before you know it, 1 hour has already passed!