Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tell me if I am rude

Recently, I pay a visit to the 'fine' country :p, and took a ride on the MRT. It was quite crowded. So I was standing, holding on to a pole. The train reach a stop, and a lady (in her forties i think) came in and stand just beside me on my right, face to face. She slowly take out a pack of tissues, and then put a piece of tissue to her nose and start blowing...with loud sound of heez...heez...heeeeez... Finally, one 'wonton' is finished, and i felt a sense of relief immediately. But wait, she took out another tissue, and start blowing again... and another..... I have no choice but to keep looking on my left, where a couple sweet-talking to each other. I think they must be wondering why this girl keep looking at their directions. The ultimate, when the lady bit of tissues drop to my bag which I put on the floor, I took my bag and walk to the other compartment of the train, although she did bend down to pick up the tissues and say sorry... But I just felt too disgusting, and at that moment, I just dont feel like saying 'its okay'.... It is certainly not.

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kiwlm said...

hmmm tough situation, although can't blame her for catching flu though, and I guess she won't be coming out on MRT if she can just relax and stay at home to heal. I guess if its me I would say "God Bless You!"