Saturday, April 07, 2007

Training Log - Week 7 & 8

Week 7:
Monday - Running (20min), Body Pump
Tuesday - Swimming
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Run (30min)-Walk(5 min)-Run(10min), Body Balance, cardio dance
Friday - Run (30min)
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Step Class

Week 8 (@ sebana cove):
Monday - Swim (30min)
Tuesday - Run (20min) + Run on treadmill (10min) - coz its raining outside
Wednesday - Run (30min)
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Run (40 min)
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Rest day

Hmm, week 8 training is bit special, coz its done outdoor at the sebana cove, and not the usual gym that i go to. Now, I enjoy jogging outdoor, with the evening sun setting down, cool breeze, and magnificent scenery =)

Here are some of the beautiful sunsets. (now i bring my camera with me when i went jogging)

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