Monday, April 09, 2007

Where is Viv?

Where are you now?
What are you doing there?

When will you be back?

Here's some pixs to answer the above questions :)

the long, dusty, hot, sweaty walk fr office to working place

ah, its near now. This is a topsides module

the temporary stair case to climb up the module

we have sea view in our working place :p

view from the module. the building far away with white roof is the office.

finally, i reached this cool room with air-con. This is where i work, commission the system for my client :) As you can see, its not really clean and comfortable, but then i am thankful to be inside this air-con room, pity all the workers who work under the hot sun for the whole day!

will be back to KL for a short holiday this week, yay :)


walski69 said...

Gee... don't u just luuuurve shipyards... heh heh... been there, done that... as u probably well know.

Remember our Gwai Lor friend who's now in Australia? Well, many, many years ago, he and I were commissioning Lawit A, over at Sabah Shipyard, before it pretty much went bust.

The first day we were there, the damn AC wasn't fully commissioned yet, and the two of us ended up having to work in what seemed like a sauna! Our friend was so overcome by the heat and humidity, he almost passed out!

So, long story short, we ended up having a short day.... And Labuan being Labuan, Walski had a chance to enjoy the nightlife a bit...

Aah... those were the days...

Well, I'm glad ur assignment looks waaaay more comfortable ;-)

Hope u get some time off next weekend, since it's your... errhm... u know... :P

viv said...

lucky you, here we have no nitelife :(

yaya, im getting 'almost' a week off next week ;) and... its your... errhm... too... so Enjoy ya!