Saturday, May 12, 2007

a ride at Desaru

Viv borrowed a bike from generous W-LJ and brought it to the place where she work, on and off about 1.5 month already ;) Here is a good place for cycling, many singaporeans come here to cycle during weekends. When Viv is staying at Desaru last two week, she took the opportunity to cycle along the desaru stretch. It was a fun ride... under the sun, sea breeze, soft white sand beach, nice blue sea, cheeky monkeys, greenish golf course, fresh air... where can we find all these in KL huh???

the bike in my room

a nice holiday spot

the beach.... & the bike, of course... hehe

viv went for a jog too, along the beach. these are her foot prints :p

some ppl went there to fish

some playing water sports

some sharing their precious moments

while boring Viv make sand turtle... kekeke

finally, the wonderful collage :)

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Mohd Khairul said...

very near at ramunia.. jep@n