Saturday, November 24, 2007

Highlights of the week

Finished reading Paulo Coelho 's The Alchemist within a week! It's a record breaking for me.... :) What a suitable time to have read this book about answering your personal calling and live your life in present. I need the strength and the inspiration the book gave me to go on in search of my dreams here :)

Within this week, I've got two bad news from two of my colleagues that they are leaving, one today and another this Dec. They are the only two are really sincere and friendly to me. I am not sure how am I going to passed the boring days in office, oh god. Guys, i.e. Sagar & John, I am going to miss you two.

I got a little present from Sagar yesterday, a chinese platter set with chopsticks! Just what I am looking for for months here, but cant find any chopsticks! Hee...

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Eric said...

Hullo... great to read about the adventures that you are having in the UK. The Alchemist is a really good book to strengthen your resolve in the face of adversity to realize your dreams.

I may follow in your footsteps one day (when i have enough $ to continue my studies haha)... in the meantime I'll have to be content reading your adventures in the UK. =)

Have a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year!