Monday, November 19, 2007

My first glimpse of snow

I had a preview of what snowing is gonna to be like yesterday night... yeah.. my first glimpse of snow. It was about 10 something when I went out to throw rubbish wearing a jacket, shorts and my flip-flops. First, I noticed the ice on top of the rubbish bin, touched it, then I look up at the sky...and I shouted 'oh god, snow!'

Then I quickly ran inside the house, jumping around, looking for my camera, battery and memory card. I took out all these coz I thought I wont be using my camera for a long time since I didnt plan to go anywhere. Then quickly ran outside again, and ran back in when I noticed I went out with my house slipper... haha.. changed to my flip flop, ran back out again to take pixs and standing in the pavement just to feel it coming down on my face... ha..A man passed by, and I think he must be thinking i am crazy.. standing out there with shorts and flip-flops :p

Anyway, I still think its too early to have snow! It didnt last long though & its just a mild one, the snow melted once it reached the ground. I checked again at about 11.30pm, the snow has started to melt.

Here are some pixs to share.

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