Monday, November 26, 2007

Introducing Taramosalata

Taramosalata... what a name! is a new food I tried last weekend, recommended by my sis who lived here in the UK previously. I bought it from Marks and Spencer, and thought that it is an english food, apparently its not. Its Greek food, made from cod roe with lemon juice, and its pinkish in color.

Try it with toasted bread on a Sunday morning, tasted raw to me at first, but after a few bite, I do enjoy it. Unfortunately, I had stomach ache just shortly after eating it. Nevertheless, I tried it again this morning (hehe, cant waste it just like that), and nothing happens. so, it was not the taramosalata that caused my stomach ache yesterday after all :)

I do have a small problem with the food here, always ask me to finish within 3 days after I opened it, and these includes milk, youghurt, ham, cheese, and yes, taramosalata! My breakfast for the next 2 days will be the pinkish thingy with bread!

quite a big tub to finish within 3 days!

on my bread :) yummy

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