Monday, February 18, 2008

Celebrating CNY in the UK


1. Lion Dance in Old Market Square, Nottingham

2. Chinese new year themed Fireworks at Highfields Park, Nottingham

3. Fried Nian Gaothis tasty nian gao is made by a fren here from Hong Kong... I just fried them. yum yum

4. Jiu hoo char (without the jiu hoo, haha)

Candy got me some 'bangkuang' (which is called the Yam Bean, or Jicama in English) from London, which is the most important ingredient of this nyonya dish. See my last year post where we cooked a big pan of this dish every year during cny at home.

Oh yea, and I cooked the steam chicken as well :)

5. Ang pows

Double ang pows posted from Penang by the newly wed Alind & Kong

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