Wednesday, February 27, 2008


another first experience for me, but i guess its not a good one...

Was woken up by the loud noise (like a big truck passing by) and the shaking. The first thought that came to my mind was "oh dear, what is the neighbour doing at this time of the night", then i realised its not, it must be an earthquake because everything in my room is shaking! But not sure why i did take it seriously and didnt feel scared at all, after it went away within 10 sec, I just take a look at my h/p, note down the time (so that i can check with people in the morning, hee) and went back to sleep.

Didnt realised how ignorant i am till I met my taiwanese friend in the morning, and we talked about this. Taiwanese are educated on how to react during earthquake because their country are proned to this natural disaster. She told me that she was on alert 'mode' even after the shaking has stopped, because it may be a signal that a bigger one is coming!

Anyway, luckily nothing happens after that :)

See the BBC report here.

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