Friday, February 15, 2008

Sunday Walk

another first for me, thanks to my housemate, Cat and her dad for letting me tagged along. Cat's dad told me its sort of a tradition for the english to go to the pub at noon for a few drinks, then go for a walk.

With a map and Bryan Waites' Walks in Historic Leicestershire and Rutland, we started off driving from Leicester city to Manton in Rutland. The starting point of the walk is from this pub called The Horse & Jockey, which is quite popular with cyclists.

Finally got the see the sheeps up-close, hee.. They didnt look as cute as I thought they would. Hmm, in fact, I dont think they are cute at all now :p

Look at their dirty bums
Then we walked through this parish village, Martinsthorpe,where the only building left here is this old farm.
walk across this peaceful Rutland field... freed my mind
me & Cat.. i think you can guess how windy it is from the look on our face.
and finally, we saw a small part of the scenic Rutland Water..
took us about 2 hours to finish the route as instructed in the book and we are back to the pub with nice food waiting for us.

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