Thursday, February 07, 2008

Let's welcome the year of the RAT

This is the first year (in my life) that i am not home for chinese new year :(( sob sob... I missed all the good food especially bak kean (which my sis insist that bak kean is me, so i shouldn't have missed it), jiu hoo char and the sea cucumber soup.

I still went to work as normal since today is not a holiday in the UK. However, thanks to the chef in our office canteen, we had a chinese new year lunch today, which look like this..

not very nice, i find it too 'soupy'. but still.... its better than nothing.

& look at what I had for dinner tonight!
Yeah, its the chinese dumplings! Thanks to Enya who made these and teach me how to make them as well :)

This weekend, I am off to nottingham. Will be looking out for all the CNY events especially the lion dance & dragon dance!


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