Monday, February 04, 2008

Interesting News

Two interesting news on today's *free* Metro newspaper:

1. Sickie Monday
I didnt call-in sick (becoz i am a hardworking bee :p), but I have decided to sleep for an extra half an hour and catch the later bus to work, which also means I was late about 20min. However, I always work extra hours after work.... so i am still a hardworking bee, haha...

2. Shrove Tuesday a.k.a Pancake Day

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. Read the history about Shrove Tuesday here. On this day, christians obtain absolution for his/her sins by confessing and doing penance. This day is also called Pancake Day because it is customary to eat pancakes on this day, last chance of a feast before the Lent (fasting).

This article left me dreaming about Paddington House of Pancakes ever-so-delicious pancakes, which is only available in Msia, aaaarghh...

Too bad I have my weekly Lindy's class tomorrow, so no time for me to flip a few pancakes, keke.

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